Are we living in a world where people are truly being themselves or are we losing our true selves to please a society where we are constantly being watch and judged. We live in a world where everyone wants to be more acceptable but how true is that? Are we oversharing are we losing ourselves as technology advances and mass surveillance becomes bigger and more common.

Having a sense of privacy plays an important role in the control people feel over their lives. We all have private thoughts and behaviors that we’d rather keep under wraps but mass surveillance makes this much more challenging.Is the Psychological knowledge that we are being watch making us feel like we loss of control when we live with the stress of being watched.

Photography @IsadoraBphotography Isadora Bravo

Models : Samayah Jaramillo , Corey Nichtmen @ccn_productions_, Rich @rnmodel

Wardrobe Stylist Kelli Talley @lepetit_creatif

Hair & Makeup Iventt Gonzalez @iventtGlam

Look 1: patent jkt- ASOS, cargo pants- QL2, boots-Paula Torres (top/ripped dress Samayah’s own)

Look 2: jkt- Liven (there are other photos with the jkt draping off her shoulders), leather culottes- Nude, top- Smarteez, shoes- Digao, necklace- Piece of Mind,

Look 3: top- Nude, bottoms- Smarteez, shoes- Paula Torres

Look 4: dress- Nude, earrings- Iza, ring- Iza, cuff- Katarina Cudic

Look 5: blazer dress- Theophilio, top- Nude, belt- Nude

Look 6: plastic vest: Theophilio, denim- Nude

Look 7: top- Smarteez, jkt- A. Chamonix, skirt- Nude, clutch- Neil Felipp, necklace- Piece of Mind

Look 8: bomber jkt- Suncoo, dress- Nude, clutch- Neil Felipp

boys are wearing hoodies and bubble vests from Uniqlo with their own denim and boots.